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“Vintage Girder Front End” – Royal Enfield 350 - 500

A lot of riders and enthusiasts have been bitten by the vintage bug. They like the vibes of the long-gone classic era, when almost everything was hand-made and had a certain soul in every hand-crafted part which resonated in their design. We at TNT Motorcycles attempt to do the same, by putting our passion the hand crafting parts for motorcycles. Girder front end suspensions were the second type of suspensions introduced in the motorcycles post springer front ends. Our Girder front end resembles the BSA styling and installs like a clip-on part on any RE 350/500 with a UCE engine. Fabricated out of High-Grade MS all parts are either milled or turned-on lathe meaning no casting parts whatsoever. All bushes are turned out in Gun Metal so no greasing is required for the life time. The girder front end comes equipped with an axle and is Disc Brake friendly. All hardware used is 304 SS, eliminating all chances or rusting making it a lifelong product. 
Salient Features 

•    Constructed of high-quality MS, sturdy, high strength and durable
•    No Casting Parts
•    Gun Metal Bushes – No lubrication required for lifetime
•    Easy to install
•    High quality: no rust, no deformation & durable.
•    All SS hardware
•    Axle Equipped
•    Disc Brake friendly

Vintage Girder Front End

  • Shipping only within India

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