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Electra 350 Royal Enfield Bobber


“SHUNYA” – This is where it all started. Our first Zero Chop with a ground up custom Hard-tail chassis coupled with a 1948 HD front-end springer suspension on a 45 degree rake. As often said, “God is in the details”, we tried to build an absolutely clean and no-nonsense chop with one off engine fittings and a 7 litres Orange fuel tank which is our trademark design. The foot and hand controls are turned out of solid aluminium and knurled. Avon front and rear 5.00-16 Bobber tyres add to the hot rod styling. Though the rolling dia/tyre-height is 26 inches, the saddle sits at 25 inches above the ground which makes the rider sit between the wheels and with that crazy rake the rider gets a view of his Avon rubber rolling in front of him. Highest point on the build being 31 inches, we believe “Shunya” is world’s lowest Royal Enfield chop.

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