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Arpit Mondal, a Design and Transport Engg., is a pretty good rider with amazing control on a motorcycle. One fine day he accidently went off road on his father’s RE CI Electra, bit by the off-road bug and got hooked. The idea was pretty clear, make a motocross, go drifting and jumping. Yamaha rx135 was anonymously decided to be the donor for this build. The front end was fitted with a disc brake set up, longer travel suspensions, small headlamp and custom handlebars with a stay. The fuel tank is a short custom made, based on the stock shape. A smaller saddle with a chopped, mono-shocked subframe and custom swingarm transfers this build to a perfect mini motocross.The build sports knobby tyres and plastic fenders both front and rear. The chassis is strengthened at multiple points and total weight of the build was reduced by 6-7 kgs. Fibre reed valves, tuned carburettor, racing air filer and an expansion chamber to pull all the juice out of the 2-stroke motor. Arpit is Shiva bhakt (if you know what I mean) and he decided to paint this build in blue and silver with a Marijuana Leaf, Raasta logo on the fuel tank. Needless to say the design, disassembly, fabrication (except sheet metal and paintjob) , assembly was all done by Arpit himself under our teams guidance.

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