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Vintage Custom Hyosung ST7


In Sanskrit, "PIL" means "ELEPHANT" and "KHI" means "TO FEED". PILKHI is a small village in North Bihar, India, on the banks of the Old Gandak river. The land here is so fertile that it can produce enough to feed elephants. Or so the folklore goes. This build is imagined for an elephant farm owner who rides along with his elephants. The build is inspired by an old school masculinity and simplicity but with modern technology. A vintage green body with some tan leather trimming and a classic leather saddle gives it character. An artisan hand carved rosewood emblem features an Elephant lazily roaming around the river and sugar cane fields. This captures the freedom associated with this build. Ending the brief, I just want to say one thing “You may be cool, but you will never be as cool as a man riding a V-Twin Vintage custom along with the elephants in the wild”

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