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All your customers are special when you deal with the craft of custom motorcycles, but a selected few end up being your extended family. Mr. Amber Anand is one such individual – a mentor, elder brother, advisor, influencer, a complete petrol head who has been riding motorcycles since he could manage to balance 2 wheels. With such rich exposure and knowledge about motorcycles he has guided our way for a long time now and continues to do so. Mr. Amber wanted the Bandit (a 1250 cc touring motorcycle from Suzuki) to be converted in a street version with the stock fuel tank. The very first step was to loose the fairing the go naked. KTM headlamp came in handy with a custom headlight cowl. Rear subframe was chopped and a very classic boxy bodyline was handcrafted. To complement the rear boxy fake air intakes were installed in the front of the fuel tank. The build is wrapped in a mean black and red matte paintjob.

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